Wednesday, April 25, 2007

18 Months!

The twins turned 18 months old yesterday! My how the time has flown! I have put a few pictures up for your enjoyment.
The kids are really turning into, well kids....They are running, jumping, laughing and talking! They both have a great sense of humor.....Cj is all boy: he is climbing on everything, diving off of things and like for Daddy to wrestle with him. Avery is prissy girl. She needs her shoes, purse, and bow before we go anywhere. But she still likes to beat CJ up. More later.....

SHES GONNA BLOW!! This was taken 2 days before the kids where born! SCARY
Avery fresh out of the cooker! She was maybe 5 minutes old
CJ 5 minutes old....Making the infamous turtle face!

They love to give kisses! Yesterday they kept giving them to each other!

More Kisses!

CJ showing off his full grill!

Getting soaked by the sprinkler! They loved it

Silly Family Photo!

Avery Girl

Daddy and Cj at Aunt TT and Uncle Andys Wedding

Who are you calling shrimp? Avery really is that much shorter than CJ! It is really cute!

Playing with sidewalk chalk A.K.A dumping out the whole box and laughing

Avery on her slide in the backyard amusement park that we have!

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Amazin' Bride!

Yay! I snuck in here again. No I didn't sneaked in here.
With that said I wanted to take a minute to honor my bride once again. I don't know how many of you all know, but Eileen and the kids have been sick for the past few days. Eileen has had some kinda stomach thing and the kids have had things coming out all over the place.
Through all of this, Eileen has done an amazing job loving and nurturing the kids in their sickness. She has also done an excellent job keeping up the house, cooking dinner for the family, maintaining the household tasks, and loving me.
She has proven to me, and whoever would observe her, to be a selfless, humble bride; a selfless and humble mom; a selfless and humble homemaker. I know God's grace has been more than sufficient and she has been diligent to rely on it.
Thank you my love for all of your hard work!
Love you ;-).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Last night while I was getting dinner ready, Avery ran into the corner of the wall and split her forehead open! So off to the emergency room(AGAIN!) we went. She had a CAT scan done, which came out fine and received four stitches in her head! We will go back Friday to have them removed. Isn't it amazing how hard we try to protect our children, God humbles us and shows us that he is the one in control...and we need to fully rely on HIM. Once the little princess wakes up I will post some pictures of her big girl scar! And I promise I don't abuse my children, I seriously think I cried harder than Avery.....

On a side note...CJs lip is completely healed, you honestly cannot tell that he had stitches....I am still in disbelief that we went to the ER twice in eight days! We definitely know how to make memories at this house!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Surgery Update!!

Reid is out of surgery, and it went pretty well. The doctor removed his whole prostate, and he believes that the cancer was still intact...which means that it has not spread. He also went ahead and removed his lymph nods just to make sure(even though he said that they looked cancer free!). The used a robotic arm to do the surgery and it accidentally pinched his colon, so he actually has to have a few stitches put in as well as a colonoscopy to make sure that they didn't poke a hole in it. He has been in recovery for the past 4 hours, and is not doing well at all. He is in A LOT of pain, really nauseated, and extremely paranoid. They won't let him get a room until he is doing better, which we hope will be soon. UPDATE: He is in a private room, and is on a morphine drip so he is feeling GREAT

I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to do a freezer meal for my parents, I know that it would really serve my mom to not have to cook dinner for them, They are pretty easy to please when it comes to food, and it is just the two of them. I wanted to take them to them Wednesday night(which I know is late notice) but I could also take them to them Sunday after church.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Our trip to the ER....

...and this is no april fools joke.

This morning like every Sunday morning I brought the kids downstairs to finish getting ready for church. This morning when I put the kids down at the foot of this stairs Cj lost his footing and smacked his face on the bottom of the banister thingy. He starts wailing so I quickly scoop him up and try to calm him down. Well after a few seconds of him still wailing, I take a look at his face......and his lip is split all the way in half on the outside and a pretty good gash on the inside(if you want to imagine it looked as if he had a cleft lip). So I frantically got a paper towel and tried calling Christopher....I finally got a hold of him. CJ calmed down a little while we were waiting for Daddy.
We went to Presby Huntersville(the nurses and doctors were awesome; I cannot say enough good things about these people!). We saw the ER doctor, who decided that his lip was pretty bad, so she called an oral plastic surgeon, who came in on his day off just to fix our little boy up. So they carted the little man to the OR, knocked him out, stiched him up, and sent him home. He was pretty cranky this afternoon, but once we put some food in his belly and he took a nap with daddy he was feeling better. Tonight one of his stiches fell out so we will be going back to the doctor in the morning! So overall I say we had a pretty exciting and not TOO eventful FIRST trip to the ER!

**On a side note, Reid(my step-dad) is going in for surgery to remove the cancer in his prostate tomorrow at noon, please be praying that the surgery goes well, that the cancer has not spread, wisdom for the doctors, and most of all for comfort for my mom and Reid*****