Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two at Two!

Well our little twinnie-poos turn two today! What an amazing, wonderful, grace filled past two years these have been. Honestly I cannot express in words the joy that these two little kids have been in our lives. I keep trying to think of how to word this post but I cannot find the words for it. After how easily I took the kids turning one I thought two would be so easy, but it isn't! Our babies are not babies anymore, they are walking, talking, running, jumping little adults. So before I start to babble on, or start to cry.... here are a few pictures of the kids at the picture people today(don't mind the zazzle...I stole 'em).

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Priceless Jewel

I do not get goose bumps a lot, and I rarely cry. So there is the setup. I was sitting here looking at our family blog and saw a picture of Eileen’s beautiful face. Then the Shane and Shane song “Be Near” comes on. Ok, goose bumps. I was reminded of a line in Ricucci’s book Love that Last when he talks about how Gary so often cherishes other things in his life more than his most precious jewel(ok that is the word I remember) his bride. In devotions I was convicted of so many examples of my doing the same. The goose bumps came in here.
Be Near. In his divine way, the Lord gives me his nearness in Eileen. Her gentleness and patience with me is a true example of the Lord’s patience and gentleness with me. Eileen is the prime example of a servant and selfless bride. She fulfills all that is written about the joy of a husband who has a submissive, serving, loving wife. Eileen is genuinely the most precious earthly possession I have and I pray that I always make her feel as beautiful and worthy as she is.
Crying. I will leave that for later. This one is about Eileen.