Monday, January 29, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman, CJ has now left the building!

As of Saturday CJ is now a full time walker, and he is seriously taking this walking thing seriously............ and the climbing thing too......

I left him for two seconds to walk into the bathroom and came out to the sound of pouring water and this is what I found

15 Month Appointment

I took the kiddos in for their 15th month appointment. They did great considering that we were there for a hour and a half! We saw the nurse practitioner today, who is wonderful, she is super patient and takes her time to answer all the millions of questions I have. They had to get three shots each, but they did great nothing a graham cracker couldn't fix.

23.2 lbs(52nd percentile), 31 inches (52nd percentile)
25.12 lbs(50th percentile), 34 inches (97th percentile)

So that concludes that Avery has turned into our little petite buttercup and CJ is our big strong boy!

Friday, January 26, 2007

15 Months!

This past Wednesday the kids turned 15 months old. It blows my mind how OLD they are getting. In the past month they have really started to act like little people. Avery is walking/running 100% of the time. CJ is doing about 50/50, he is so tall he is struggling with getting everthing moving at the same time. We think he will be a full timer in a few weeks. They have started to talk "alot"(this is according to the proud mom!). They say: Daddy, Momma, Toby, Dog, NO!, Uh-oh, Thank You, yesssss, Cj, Turtle, more, and that. Avery will count to 3, but she really just likes to repeat two over and over again. This past year and three months have been such a blessing!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hey all! Well since everyone else is doing the blog thing, we thought we would go with the cool kids and do one too! We figured that this would be a good place so that all the far away family and friend to see what is going on with the Blackburn Twins(we know the truth it isn't about us anymore!)