Sunday, June 14, 2009


In all our efforts to become completly self sustaining(i kid, i kid) we planted a rather large garden with our fellow "city folks in the country" neighbors. It is on about 3/4 of and acre and we have lots of yummy vegetables: corn, okra, tomatoes, cukes, peas, peppers, squash, and potatoes....

Look at those beautiful trees....ahhh country living at its finest

Look at my sweet little farmer boy in his super sassy work boots:

Lots of cornage:

This is a terrible picture of my teeny garden...It basically just herbages, small tomatoes, and lettuce.... We basically have the tomato plants here so the kids can just pull them off the plant and eat them...a little pesticide never hurt anyone...actually this is an all organic garden y'all

Blog Failure

I am a blog failure....Life has been busy....and well it is much easier to upload pictures on Facebook and be done with it....But I will start trying to get more pictures on here so I won't keep getting threats!