Friday, September 28, 2007

Patience is a virtue :)

So now all of the complainers out there who told me I needed to update here you go....I have officially cleared the memory card on my camera! We are about to head off to Asheville for the weekend, so hopefully we will have lots of pictures to share of our new mountain house when we get home! Pray for a safe weekend for us!

Daddy's Birthday!

For Christophers Birthday the kids and I got him a new wedge. For those of you who don't know what a wedge is let me tell is a very complicated piece of golfing equipment. I went to Golf Galaxy thinking I could pick up this wedge based on a model number, oh no it is much more complex than that!! So this past Saturday Christopher and I went to go try this new toy out and play a round of golf. He loved his new club, it even ripped the covers off one of his balls! He played really well, he pretty much was right at par or under(I am proud of my little Sergio!) Christopher then surprised me(on his birthday weekend!) with a brand new PINK golf bag, and a pretty red driver!! We are hoping to be able to play a few evenings a month, as our date night!

The Beach!

The day after my brothers wedding we left for the beach! We went the whole week with Christophers family and had a great time relaxing after a busy few weeks. The kids had a great time, the remember the beach from May so they warmed up to the waves pretty quickly. We actually had to pull them off the beach most days. Our last night down there we went to Broadway at the Beach for dinner, Avery and I rode the carousel and the kids each picked out a Build a Bear. Cj picked out a dog that he promptly named Bobo, and Avery picked out a rabbit that is named Lovey. I was impressed that they actually cared and did the whole thing themselves.

I like how we went to the beach, and i have NO pictures of the beach....Christophers mom has a ton, so I will have to get them from her!

Uncle Nick and Aunt Britt's Wedding

On September 8th, my big brother got married! The kiddos were in the wedding, and they actually made it down the aisle. I was so proud of them I even started to tear up at the sight of them running down the aisle. We had a great weekend of wonderful food and parents even got us a room at the omni for the weekend.....

This is the only picture I have of both of the kiddos, the photographer got some great shots of the them. This is my grandma and her new husband Frank.
My little man, he loved his suit...but he took the jacket of when he saw daddy take his off too!

Looking at the view of downtown Charlotte from our hotel room, which they loved!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday!!