Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Nights Adventures

We went to the Mall last night and found this guy.

Um, this is just for show and tell.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So our computer kicked the bucket a few months ago....thus the reason for no posts...I am sure some of you were wondering if the kiddos tied me up and threw me in the closet...they didn't! Here are some pictures from the past two months....

Anna Cate


Avery and CJs Birthday at the Zoo!

Our Country Boy


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ok, just a taste...

How did these get in here...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HALLERWEEN - Time to gather 'round

Hello everyone, this is TOPHER.

I am writing to tell everyone about the HallerWeen Afterparty.

Please go to:

to find out what it is all about.

We look forward to having you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I promise by the end of the weekend there will be new pictures....good more silly daddy crosseyed ones.....Sorry I have been a little preoccupied with trying to be a mommy to three(and honestly I think this may take a while!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I like this one

More of the little girl!

Aunt Sarah, Uncle Will, and Nena
And she may be a daddy's girl already!
So i may like to have fun with the girl.

Chillin' out with normal eyes.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So we were hanging out and it finally came to me...We can take videos on the camera. Badda Bing, here it is:

The Beautifulness - topherism

It is about quarter til 8 tuesday morning. I am sitting here with Anna Cate lying next to me. That is a pretty awesome thing by itself. But then i look up and see "pretty mommy"(as I have taught the kids to call her) Eileen. This is one of those times in life when I am freshly aware of the benefits of the Gospel and its effects on our lives.

Last night we were talking about needing to talk to someone from the nursery when Autumn walks in. She looked familiar but we couldn't pinpoint who she was. We soon realized that she was the same nurse we had last year. She is our age, married almost the same time we did, and is not preg with baby number 3 due next month. We had a great time getting to know her with the twins, and now 3 years later she was placed back in our path.

So why the story about Autumn. We began talking about kids and why we are here on earth. Not in the deepest sense of spreading the news of Christ's work on the Cross but as our lives move closer to eternity, why are we here.
This to me, is very freeing, to understand that I am a tool for the Lord to have kids and attempt to raise them in a way that they will glorify the Lord with their lives. I am not sure how many kids we are scheduled to have over the upcoming years but I am certain that this is the Lord’s mercy on our lives to give us kids after our lives have been regenerated by the Gospel. Without His work in our lives we would undoubtedly view these kids as a choir and hindrance to “our lives.”

My bride, through some trials, has been nothing more than phenomenal in her perseverance and dedication to glorifying the Lord through this pregnancy. I still find it amazing that she was not only willing but eager to have more children after all the sickness she had with the twins. She is one of my heroes, my real life hero. She makes it easy to lead. Oh, did I mention that she is amazingly hot? I mean smokin’ hot. I know the Lord was more than kind just blessing me with a great wife, the nice thing is that He continually makes her hotter. BONUS!!!
Well, I am going to go find something to help me maintain my weight. Signing off, toph.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Tomorrow afternoon/evening we will be meeting our little girl for the first time. Surgery time is scheduled for 5:30, so she should be here by six! Pray for all of us tomorrow, as well as the Dr. We should be able to update with pictures tomorrow night. We will be in the hospital until Thursday, so come and visit. We cannot have visitors tomorrow night, since we will probably not even be in a room until close to 10. But come on down any other time, we just ask to PLEASE call before coming.

edited to add: My surgery time is at 5:30 pm not am

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Funny Quote of the Week

Yesterday getting ready to leave the house to run some errands, CJ waiting at the back door says
"Come on Kids, get in the car! Lets GO!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unless God has something else planned....we will be meeting Anna Cate on September 8th!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tonight after dinner Avery looked at me and touched my belly and said
"Mommy, you need to pop that baby out!"

I agree....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Watch 2k8

We went to the Dr this morning to see if there was any progress, I am still not 1 cm(which really doesn't bother me because I didn't start dilating until I was in active labor with the twinnies). I was hooked up to the NST again, and this time we had contractions consistently 2 minutes apart. My Dr called them little baby contractions, she said they were real and we were making progress but they needed to be stronger. So looks like yet again it could be tonight or could be within the week(she did say she thought that it would happen within the week). So tonight the twinkles are with my parents again, the husband is painting trim and I am just contracting away....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Could be tonight or could be a week....

This is what I was told at the doctor today. After having contractions that were 10 minutes apart yesterday and last night I went in to get checked to see what the heck was going on since this is a little early....So they hooked me up to the NST. I was contracting(Good ones too!) and had lots of irritability. They just were not consistent enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. So the consensus is that it could be tonight or could be a week. Since I have past 34 weeks they will not stop labor, so I have been sent home and told to rest.

1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."

Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to get an Extra Ultrasound

1. Carry 7 lb twins, and go 3 weeks early(aka Have a big old babies)

2. Look out of proportion with the rest of your body(for those of you who did not see me last time, or who haven't seen me in a while, think normal everything else except for the massive watermelon on my stomach.

And the most important....

3. Measure early, for example I am measuring 6 weeks early! No joke, I about died when the Dr told me that.

So at my doctors appointment today I received the news...Miss Anna Cate is a Moose. Well not really but she is not hurting in the weight department. Since I was measuring BIG, the doctor had me get an ultrasound to make sure I wasn't going to have to schedule a C Section sooner. The good news is we got to see little girl, she is about 6 lbs right now, and we are going to get another ultrasound in about 2-3 weeks to see if she will be served her eviction notice early. The doctor said she thinks it is just that the twins stretched me out, and I just have a lot of amniotic fluid.

So for your viewing pleasure, here are two pictures of our little delicate flower....

Monday, July 14, 2008

In the last two months.....

we have been pretty busy. We have moved into the new house, have gotten about 80% unpacked, the house is about 90% done, and I got a new camera!! YAY! I haven't taken any pictures of the new house yet, I want to wait until it is finished and the nursery is done.

So anyways in the last two months.........

we have eaten lots of ice cream.....

Danced in the kitchen......

learned to shake what our momma gave us.....

had several important conference calls.....

Cruised around in Mommys sweet new ride. That is right ladies and gentlemen...I have joined the mini van mafia, and I love it!!! As a former "I will never drive a minivan" girl, I will gladly e
at my words...Christopher suprised me for my birthday and got me a really nice Odyssey!

Acted silly in our new big kid beds with daddy.....

went to a Rodeo and met a donkey named Cletus......

Played with our buddies in our new playroom....

went fishing in the pond behind our house, and both caught fish......

had a visit from our good friend Nyah from Maryland............

went to the Summer Shootout at Lowes Motor Speedway with our favorite cousin, Jacob. Christopher now has a new NASCAR watching buddy, CJ loved the races!

Visited Daddy at work: