Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

This past weekend we went up to Maryland to visit our good friends Neil, Jess and Nyah. We haven't seen them since October, so it was really fun to see how the kids have changed. We had a great time. On Saturday we went to the National Zoo, and the kids rode the metro for the first time. The kids really enjoyed the little monkeys(I don't know what they are called!) and the cow in the kids farm. On Sunday we went to church and then tossed the kids into the pool after nap time. And then we sadly headed home on Monday. The kids had a blast with each other, they all slept in the same room, which was pretty comical all the noises coming out of the room, took baths together and just played! So we have now come to a close of the Blackburn Summer of Fun trips.....but we are thinking of selling the casa, so we have a whole new adventure beginning!






Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're Back..............

This past Friday we got back from a week at the beach with my family. The kids LOVED the beach this year. We went first thing in the morning till nap time, they slept for 3 hours and then we were out there again! They really liked the tide pools, and Papa Reid and Nana taught them how to "step,step, step" through them. They weren't too excited about the ocean, SMART KIDS(I hate the ocean, but love the beach!). Overall we had a great time!! We are headed up to Maryland this weekend to visit our buddies the Smarts and I think that we are going to try to go to the National Zoo while we are there!! Yay! On our honeymoon we went there three times, and Neil and Jess even came down and went with us one day. Weird I know but we love 'em that much!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Church Picnic

Yesterday we went to the church picnic! The kids had a blast on the hayride and we enjoyed the petting zoo. Also this past weekend they had their first "sleepover" with their buddy Alathea.....It was pretty funny all three of them in one room......hopefully they didn't scare her too much with all their nightime nonsense!