Friday, January 26, 2007

15 Months!

This past Wednesday the kids turned 15 months old. It blows my mind how OLD they are getting. In the past month they have really started to act like little people. Avery is walking/running 100% of the time. CJ is doing about 50/50, he is so tall he is struggling with getting everthing moving at the same time. We think he will be a full timer in a few weeks. They have started to talk "alot"(this is according to the proud mom!). They say: Daddy, Momma, Toby, Dog, NO!, Uh-oh, Thank You, yesssss, Cj, Turtle, more, and that. Avery will count to 3, but she really just likes to repeat two over and over again. This past year and three months have been such a blessing!


anna said...

No "Aunt Anna?" I know I'm far away, but c'mon.

Nice blog! Love the pic of CJ.

The Blackburn Crew said...

Hey you can tell Chad that they say CJ(we can pretend it is for him) but you will just have to be patient or we can tell them to call you aunt turtle!