Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Beautifulness - topherism

It is about quarter til 8 tuesday morning. I am sitting here with Anna Cate lying next to me. That is a pretty awesome thing by itself. But then i look up and see "pretty mommy"(as I have taught the kids to call her) Eileen. This is one of those times in life when I am freshly aware of the benefits of the Gospel and its effects on our lives.

Last night we were talking about needing to talk to someone from the nursery when Autumn walks in. She looked familiar but we couldn't pinpoint who she was. We soon realized that she was the same nurse we had last year. She is our age, married almost the same time we did, and is not preg with baby number 3 due next month. We had a great time getting to know her with the twins, and now 3 years later she was placed back in our path.

So why the story about Autumn. We began talking about kids and why we are here on earth. Not in the deepest sense of spreading the news of Christ's work on the Cross but as our lives move closer to eternity, why are we here.
This to me, is very freeing, to understand that I am a tool for the Lord to have kids and attempt to raise them in a way that they will glorify the Lord with their lives. I am not sure how many kids we are scheduled to have over the upcoming years but I am certain that this is the Lord’s mercy on our lives to give us kids after our lives have been regenerated by the Gospel. Without His work in our lives we would undoubtedly view these kids as a choir and hindrance to “our lives.”

My bride, through some trials, has been nothing more than phenomenal in her perseverance and dedication to glorifying the Lord through this pregnancy. I still find it amazing that she was not only willing but eager to have more children after all the sickness she had with the twins. She is one of my heroes, my real life hero. She makes it easy to lead. Oh, did I mention that she is amazingly hot? I mean smokin’ hot. I know the Lord was more than kind just blessing me with a great wife, the nice thing is that He continually makes her hotter. BONUS!!!
Well, I am going to go find something to help me maintain my weight. Signing off, toph.

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Campbell said...

You got it right, Christopher. She is amazing. I love how real she is without complaining.

Loves to ya, eileen-girl!!