Friday, April 4, 2008


So I forgot, thats right I forgot that I had a blog and I needed to update it...Hey I guess that is what happens when you are pregnant...I forget a lot of things!

So many of you know, we are closing on a house in three weeks! Surprise Surprise, we found an awesome deal! It is an OLD 1960's brick ranch on a .77 acres. The back yard seriously looks like a park, with green grass, trees, and a little stream! Now the house it self isn't so picturesque. It is a typical brick ranch, that has not been touched since it was built. Needless to say it is quite ugly on the inside. We are planning to pretty much gut the inside. We are going to start by knocking out two walls and making a bigger kitchen, pulling up all the carpet, painting and maybe building a deck. Then sometime in the next year we will redo the awesome PINK bathroom!( I honestly am in heaven in there, there is nothing in there that isn't pink!). We also are planning to add a full bath in the master, a sun room, and eventually a garage. Lots of work, but this is actually our dream house. So expect LOTS and LOTS of before and afters!


The Nilsen Nest said...

ca-uuuute! Can't wait to see it!

Lindsay said...

Great! Can't wait to see the progress:) Looks like a great house Eileen! Call if you need moral support, I know what this is like:)

Nyah's Mommy said...

Wow what an adventure you have ahead of you...nice thing is when its all said and done it will really feel like home as it sounds like you'll be putting a lot of sweat into this house. Can't wait to see it!