Monday, March 5, 2007


I know that I have been slacking that past few weeks on posting....but our house has been pretty busy.
The kids are over their sickness and are doing great. CJ is really starting to take over the talking business....he pretty much repeats what we say! This weekend he started saying Puzzle, Stella(Our Friends Dog) and Jacob(his cousin, who he thinks is the coolest). Avery is just being the little miss priss as always.
Christopher has started playing the drums for M28 again. So we will miss him on the 4th Monday of the month and the 4th Wednesday. He has been crazy busy at work too, He was promoted from the Regional Sales Manager to the National Accounts Manager. It is pretty dang cool!
I have been TRYING to get our house organized. I have started cleaning everything out and trying to put it in its place. This is a pretty hard task when I pull EVERYTHING out and then the little boogers wake up. So our house is pretty much a mess....hopefully I can finish this weekend before Tiffanys Bacheloretty Party! I have also been working on my little business, and I have decided that with the hairbows i also want to sell little girls pillowcase dresses. Hopefully in the next two weeks or so we will finally have the website up and running. Also if you see cute pillowcases if you could please pick them up for me and I will pay you back.


Noah, Katie, Ethan, & Emilie said...

You are a slacker...NOT. Sounds like you have been really busy with the house and the chaps. Keep up the good job.


Nyah's Mommy said...

Thats funny that you say Cj repeats everything you say...that seems to have been nyah's favorite thing to do :)You still need to tell me when you guys are coming...dont make me hunt you down! We are still friends right?

Josh and Dana said...

Hey girl, email me that website we were talking about Saturday with the patterns. I would love to see the ones for bibs....and I'll keep my eye out for cute pillow cases. I can't wait to see those!

(my email is in the directory)

meghann said...

post a picture of your pillowcase dresses please. I need to decide what color would look best on jake :)

Josh and Dana said... is wrong. Same beginning but I'm at hotmail. Sorry!