Thursday, March 1, 2007

To My Bride

This may be a bit of a surprise but it is time that I got in here and said something about my beautiful Bride (she is the one in the middle).

First, I want to commend Eileen on her servant's heart. She does a wonderful job serving me, the kids, and the house. She has three full-time jobs (being wife, a mom, and a homemaker) and she excels at every one of them.

As a wife, Eileen cares for my needs, listens to my dumb stories (and acts interested too), she supports me in the decisions I make, and she is diligent in her pursuit of her relationship with the Lord.

As a mom, Eileen is consistent in her instruction and guidance of the kids, she regularly seeks out my council on issues with the kids, she loves Avery and CJ, no matter what the circumstance and she is a model to Avery and CJ of what a wife and mom are supposed to look like.

As a homemaker, Eileen is already a busy woman. She somehow finds time to keep the house clean. She regularly has dinner waiting for me when I get home (and it is good food if you couldn't tell by looking at me). She is diligent with looking out for the little things that I like and even the things that I dislike.

Eileen is a true servant and she makes sacrifices everyday, sacrifices I can not begin to repay her for but I know she is regularly storing up treasures in heaven...which are far better than the "treasure" I buy her.

So, to my love: Eileen, I love you and I can not express the respect and appreciation I have for you and all you do for me, the kids, and the house.

Yours forever,
CJ sr.


meghann said...

awwww! so sweet! I have to add one more thing eileen is good at....listening to me cry over a silly grocery schedule that's not working and then giving me advice on how to make it work for us. Simple.......but it meant A LOT to me! thanks girl!

Noah, Katie, Ethan, Emilie said...

What a sweet hubby. You need to hold on to that one!!

Nyah's Mommy said...

AW...good job Christopher! I think eileen is pretty cool too :)

Carolyn said...