Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Best Buds!

The past few weeks the kids have really starting playing with each other. It is so awesome that they have built in playmates for life. Honestly there is nothing sweeter than seeing the love that they have for each other. The way that CJ is (a little) more gentler with her than anyone else, the way that they jack jaw with each other all day long, how they are the epitome of monkey see monkey do, the way they make each other laugh and laugh and laugh, nothing can really make a mothers heart smile more. The joy that we have experienced with these two little monkeys really has shown me Gods favor in our lives. So anyways here are a few pictures of the youngest part of our Blackburn Crew....

Playing with measuring spoons Haha I have more!

Giving some brotherly love!

Looking like the possessive boyfriend!

Chillin on the fourth with some corn! Nothing says southern like two babies gnawing on corn

Sipping YooHoo!


LeahHawkins said...

They are getting more and more cute!!!

Denise said...

They really are so cute, Eileen! And you're so right about the built-in playmates for life.... There is a SPECIAL bond with twins. There always was between my brother/sister. Sometimes (I know it sounds odd) but she KNEW when he was in trouble when she was in another room. And whenever she was out with Daddy or Mommy without him, getting a treat or whatever, she would say "And get one for Bubby! (her word for brother)" Twins are so special!!! You two are experiencing God's blessings, but your attitude is the best of all - so joyful!