Friday, July 27, 2007

Hey You!

bet you didn't know that I drove a Pimp Wagon.....according to this kid on Craigs List I do:, granted mine is newer and has less miles....but it is still a Volvo Wagon!


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Denise said...

Haha! That's pretty funny!

I don't know how I knew I liked these foods, but Jonathan has always TRIED new stuff (even gross stuff). I guess I've always been up for at least giving something a chance. We always tried a restaurant first (Persian, Indian, Ethiopian) and would like that country's food. Then I started buying recipe books by country/continent (Greece, India, Asia, Africa) and trying new things. Last year was when I finally realized we just LIKE ethnic food. So now I peruse & try food from other countries on my own. :) But this was something we've only discovered since being married, not growing up in families that fix ethnic food!

I'll send you any tried-and-true recipe if you tell me what you like (beef, chicken, vegetarian), what you don't like, and that amount of hotness or spices you're willing to do! :) Or, better yet, invite me over next time I'm in Charlotte and I'll FIX it at your hosue with you and then we can see if you like it!

I've always read your blog but never felt like I knew you enough to comment! So I'm glad I spent that weekend w/you at Katie's because now I feel like I do a litte more! :) Keep posting pics, those kids are THE CUTEST!