Monday, February 19, 2007

Seeing Spots!

Since last Wednesday Avery has been struggling with a NASTY cough. So on Friday I took her to the doctor, and while we were there we had to get a chest X-Ray to make sure she didn't have pnemonia. He said that she probably just had early pnemonia or RSV. Well low and behold yesterday CJ woke up from his nap with a nasty cough. So off we went to the doctors today. Cj got his turn getting his X-Ray, and we went back to the doctor. When we were about to leave I showed the doctor the nasty rash that I noticed about 10 minutes earlier when I was changing Cjs diaper. So our final diagnosis is: both kiddos with broncilitis, both kids have ear infections, and the boy has CHICKEN POX......we will keep you posted on the Saga of the Red Dots as it moves through our house!

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