Sunday, February 4, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Yesterday Christopher left to go to Vegas for work. Apparently this is a pretty important Car Dealer Convention, where they drum up quite a bit of business. The owner of the company, the National Sales manager, and Christopher and one other sales guy went. I think that it is a pretty big honor that they ask him to go!

It truely amazes me how God had the perfect plan for Christophers career all along. One thing that I love about Christopher is his enthusiams for new things, but occasionally like many of us it ends quickly! This has been very true with Christophers jobs, he never really found his niche, or something that he enjoyed. Last spring Christopher started working for ALN. From day one Christopher has loved this job. No matter how hectic it gets(which is everyday!!) he never really complains. He enjoys going to work, and really appreciate what a blessing it is. The most amazing thing is Gods wonderful grace that he has had with Christopher and this job. Christopher has never had a real sales job, and he is only 26 but he consistenly is given big clients, clients that other salesmen,who have been working in sales longer that he has been born, can't seem to close, and given complements on his ability to grasp this business in less than a year. I truely cannot say enough about the men that Christopher works with, he has grown so much as a husband, a leader and a father from the guidence he has recieved from them. Seriously where else can you work and have weekley prayer meetings, and accountability!(well other than a church :)

With this all said, I just wanted to take a minute to honor my husband who I love more and more each day! To really honor the wonderful man, husband, servant, father and son that he is!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to honor your husband! isnt' God so kind to give us such hard working men! thanks for the examples of how God has given christopher favor in his career as well. i know he will be blessed when he reads it!----am i officially the ONLY ONE WITHOUT A BLOG?:)

meghann said...

hey...heres my blooger name.

Noah, Katie, Ethan, Emilie said...

Thanks for taking the time to honor your husband!!!!

Alissa said...

yay!!! i am so glad you are doing a blog too! :) i love doing mine, but sometimes i have a hard time finding stuff to write about since i don't have little rugrats to write about! they kiddos are getting so big and look soooo cute! so glad to hear things are going so well for you guys!! :)
love ya