Friday, November 9, 2007

Two Year Stats!

Today I took the kiddos in for their two year appointment. Which was pretty pointless, but Southlake Peds can thank me for my $30 later. We were informed again that we are behind on some of our immunizations, Whoops! Thankfully our Dr is still willing to see us even though we were told that they were going to kick us out of the practice unless we got them. She even agreed with the choices that we have made as far as the immunization! So here they are:

24 lbs 30%
34.5 inches 90% (which is hard for me to believe since she is pretty shrimpy!)

32 lbs 89%(Hmmm kinda scary that there is an 11% out there that weighs more!)
37.5 inches (Almost 38) Which has no percentage because he is off the charts!!

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