Thursday, August 16, 2007


Now I am all for originailty, and finding a baby name that means something. But seriously people, 4 Real......;_ylt=Aph6aP3DEkzvyVrQgdGlMFAZ.3QA

So....since I am always up for a good laugh, let hear some funny names you have heard..

I know a girl that her maiden name was Eileen Ilean2it. Get it. HA HA


LeahHawkins said...

My friend Amanda married Thomas Torrey and now she is Amanda Torrey.. get it?

Kelley Murphy said...

My mom grew up with a kid named Cob Web. I knew of a woman who deliberately hyphenated her name when she got married so that her last name was Bare-Foott. What kills me is that she did that on purpose. The good times continue with a girl whose parents named her Truly because her last name was Golden. Unfortunately she married a dude whose last name was Boring.