Tuesday, January 29, 2008

God is Good

Hmm my post disapeared the other day....

Well as we all know Gods plans sometimes are not always our plans. We have just found this out. As you all know we are scheduled to close on our house on February 15th. After a lot of prayer and wise counsel we have decided to let the house go and wait 6 months to move. Christopher has had a strong sense from the Lord for us to wait for several weeks, that he has something better planned for us. Plus the loan we wanted wasn't looking like it would work. So we went ahead and sent the termination agreement over this morning.

Yesterday I was pretty sad and disappointed that we were not moving into the house that I sooo wanted. Today I woke up refreshed and thankful that I have a husband that hears what the Lord leads him to do, and follows it(even though he know he will probably have a crying wife!). So now we are on the hunt for a 3 bedroom apt to live in the next six months. I am excited about the fun we will have in our little apartment, the joy of not having any yard work or maintenance for a season, and most of all carrying on our tradition of us moving when I am 8 months pregnant(or 9 this time!)

As far as preggo updates...last Thursday we went to the doctor and had the scheduled ultrasound and saw out little bean, and its little heart beat! It was so amazing to see, we didn't have an early ultrasound with the twins so it was so neat to see our little bean just beating away. I go back in the middle of February so that we can hear the heart beat on the doppler. The morning sickness is alive and rearing its ugly head. I feel great in the mornings but start to really feel bad around 1:45. So my wonderful husband has told me to nap and rest while the kiddos are down. Even better he cooked dinner most of last week since it was a struggle for me to be in the vicinity of food. God has really been showing his kindness and mercy to me through all the yuckiness, he has provided help through Christopher and his parents with the kids and even more he has provided me with his comfort through this time. The funny thing is my New Years "resolution" was to be long suffering! What a great test he has provided me!


Rebecca Swan said...

Okay, I will try to not cry over not having you as a neighbor...truly God knows what's best though, as you said. Always a good reminder to rely on His plans for our lives!

The Murphys said...

We will be praying for you.