Thursday, January 24, 2008

Only the Best

Being pregnant is easy. Yea, easy! For me it is no problem. However, I have to give my Bride some serious commendations. This is now the second time in our lives we have had to walk through Eileen being pregnant and I can honestly say that she is so good at making it look easy. She has the ability to chase the twins all day, keep the house clean, and cook dinner for the kids and me. The girl has got it goin’ on. I know she has not been feeling good and has been very tired, but she has still been there for us. She is willing to sacrifice her energy and feelings for the well being of the family. I can not thank the Lord enough for providing such an awesome woman for me. I often think back and wonder “why did I spend so much time looking for the girl that was going to be my wife,” God knew all along who she was and that person is Eileen. So, Eileen, thank you for all of your work and devotion to the Lord and our family. I love you! I know it looks like I just typed it to type it, but I mean I REALY love you!

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Jeanie said...

She is the best! Eileen, you are a wonderful example of Joy, Trusting in the Lord at all times and contentment!