Friday, January 18, 2008

Little Bean Blackburn...

The past week I have been cramping a lot more than I did last time. So the doctor had Christopher and myself come in this morning for an ultrasound. She said that she knew that there wasn't anything wrong, but she wanted to make sure I have a great weekend(Can I say that I love my doctor!). So the results are in we have ONE precious little bean! I am thinking that it is a girl...maybe it is because that is all our church is producing now.....what do you think???


Lindsay said...

Awwh, can't wait to meet that little bean:) I'll pray for your cramping. I have no idea what I think you are having. Girl sounds good to me:)

Robin said...

Cool! Now I don't know about all those girls! Valerie French is having a boy, Amy Wakefield is having a boy, Kim Baltz just had twin boys....they're catching up! It'll be fun to see...are you gonna find out what you're having?

Campbells said...

go for the girl!

little burnblackbean
little blackbeanburn
little burnbeanblack

ok, i'm done.