Thursday, January 31, 2008


Little Miss Avery has pnemonia again! This is the second time in the past six months. She started to get the rattling cough and fever early this week so we took her in and she has infection in both of her lungs. The dr said that once you have any kind of lung infection you are more likely to get them again. She is on antibiotics and breathing treatments which seem to help. Please just pray for quick healing, and for the cough to subside enough for her(and mommy) to sleep.


Campbells said...

I'll be praying for her. That's no fun.

oh, and little Eva sends little Avery a little love...oxo

skisgirl said...

Hope things are better soon!!
We are hoping to avoid some of the sickness that is going on. I know what those neb treatments are like :(